Jordanian Wedding Invitation Genre During the Covid-19 Pandemic


  • Ahmad I. Tawalbeh Irbid National University



Arabic wedding invitation, Covid-19, genre analysis, moves, rhetorical structure


This study examines the generic components of Arabic wedding invitation cards issued during the Covid-19 period in Jordanian society. It aims to find out the role played by the Covid-19 pandemic in shaping the rhetorical structure (moves and steps) of these cards. The sample consists of 100 electronic wedding cards which were analyzed using top-down (genre analysis approach) and bottom-up processing. The analysis shows that there are nine component moves realized by certain steps, shaping the invitation genre. It is found that this genre is subject to change which essentially affects its common main communicative purpose, viz. to invite people to celebrate the wedding in a place. It is hoped that the results of this study may confirm previous literature about the effects of the surrounding context on shaping a genre, help familiarize those interested in knowing about this Arabic genre and offer insights for those interested in conducting cross-cultural contrast.

Author Biography

Ahmad I. Tawalbeh, Irbid National University

Department of English Language and Literature


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