Correctness of the Subtitled Expressions in Context: The Translator in Film Making Process


  • Christopher Chinedu Nwike University of Nigeria
  • Christopher Uchenna Agbedo University of Nigeria



subtitles, subtitle strategy, Nollywood and correct expressions in context


This paper hinges on the correctness of the subtitled expressions in context: The translator in film making process. The objective of the study is to ascertain the correctness of subtitled expressions in context, in the movie used for the study. It focuses on fishing out the wrong subtitled expressions in context of discourses in the movie Onye Bụ Nna M. The study sees subtitle as substituting the vocal utterances in a filmic material to a written equivalence on the screen of the television. The discredit of subtitle in the Nollywood touches the areas of wrong expression of a particular utterance in a movie into another language through subtitle and non alignment of the spoken utterances with its subtitled equivalences. However, all these formed the problem of the study. This study adopts the formal and dynamic equivalence of Nida as well as Gottlieb’s strategies of subtitle as the frameworks of the study in order to effectively carry out this research. This research adopts the emergent design approach in its methodology. The study reveals that if information is subtitled well with the correct tenses in context, there will be no misinterpretation of ideas or information by the target audience.

Author Biographies

Christopher Chinedu Nwike, University of Nigeria

Department of Linguistics, Igbo and Other Nigerian Languages

Christopher Uchenna Agbedo, University of Nigeria

Department of Linguistics, Igbo and Other Nigerian Languages


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